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Local poet Costa i Llobera masterfully transmitted the beauty and classical resonance of “The Pine Tree of Formentor”, which is still revered at the Literary Conversations held since 1959 at the present-day Hotel Barceló Formentor. In a similar vein, the town’s commitment to the world of culture remains firm to this very day. Tales that are within your reach to listen to, feel, experience or share with whoever you may wish. If you’d like to receive alerts about free activities, concerts or specific shows, or you’d like further information on any of the content on this site, all you have to do is sign up. Start planning your holidays right now!    

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Pollença, a place with stories to tell  

Picture a place where verdant pine-clad mountains descend to meet an intensely turquoise sea. A town where stunning backdrops, a fascinating past and friendly locals are part of everything you do. 

Imagine for a moment the authentic character of a dynamic town, with lively and creative people making Pollença a place with a full of content.

The town, with its old quarter, is the hub of social activities. Outlying resorts round off the destination: the Port, with excellent accommodation and tourist amenities, and Cala Sant Vicenç, with some of the best hotels on the island.

And, of course, the Formentor peninsula. Its famous hotel, its viewing point or its lighthouse have been sources of inspiration for politicians, artists and thinkers alike. Now you can discover them too.  

Welcome to Pollença, a place with stories to tell.

How to get to Pollença

The distance from Palma Airport to the town is 60km and the journey should take around 45 minutes.

- Leave the airport and follow signs for Palma on the Ma-19 motorway.
- After just over 4km, turn off at Exit 3 and join the westbound lane of the Ma-20 motorway.  
- After 2.6km, on the outskirts of Palma, turn off at Exit 3 and join the Ma-13 following signs for Inca/Port d'Alcúdia.
- After almost 40km, turn off at Exit 40 (signposted Pollença), cross the bridge over the motorway and join the final 10km stretch of road to Pollença.

Public transport

- At Palma Airport there are taxi stands and coach stops with information about fares and routes.  
- A taxi costs around 70 euros, slightly less if leaving from central Palma.
- The website of the local public transport company (TIB) has information about coach routes and timetables:



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Don’t forget: Pollença is for visiting, experiencing and enjoying, but also for sharing.  

Move on your own way

Options to arrive and travel

A sixty minute trip through the MA19 and MA13 roads separates Palma airport from Pollença’s town centre. The traveller has different options to do it: 


There are buses which frequently depart from the airport to Palma bus station, in the city centre, from where you can connect to other transport lines to arrive to Pollença.

Pollença and Port de Pollença are connected by a bus line which makes up to twenty-four daily journeys during the summer season and sixteen during the winter.

Inca, Alcúdia, Formentor and Lluc are connected with Pollença by bus.

To receive more information you can contact the bus company:

Autocares Mallorca
C/ d’Eivissa,15 - 2. Alcúdia 07400
Tel. (+34) 971 54 56 96 i (+34) 971 54 54 71
Fax (+34) 971 54 50 02


Tel. (+34) 971 177 777


For the travellers who want to discover different parts of Pollença or who want to move faster and more comfortably to different places, the best option is to get a taxi. In Pollença taxis are easily differentiated because they are white with a blue diagonal line and they have the TAXI and local emblem on them. They use taximeter. 

Pollença Taxis

Tel. (+34) 971 866213


Mallorca has a road net in constant renovation. Roads are not very fast but there is an extensive road network connecting cities, towns and rural areas. There are two major highways, one that bypasses Palma and another one that connects Palma to Sa Pobla. There are no long distances in Mallorca, so journeys often take less than one hour.

One of the roads with better landscapes is the one which crosses the Serra de Tramuntana, among mountains, valleys, reservoirs and cliffs, and even though the journey in kilometres is not very long, you have to bear in mind that it is a mountain road and you have to drive slowly. We advise you to take your time to do this trip, and above all, to remember to fill in the car’s petrol tank. A clear case of a mountain road is la Calobra, a 10 kilometres road with hairpin bends which takes you to one of the most outstanding beaches of Mallorca: the torrent de Pareis.

The roads that take you to some inlets are usually tertiary and unpaved roads.

Driving regulations

The driving regulations in Pollença are very similar to the ones in any European country. Basically we have to know that the speed limit is 120 km/h (74mph) in motorways, 90 km/h (55mph) in conventional roads and 50 km/h (30 mph) inside towns or cities. Another important fact to remember is that the General Traffic Regulations resolves that we are not allowed to drive when the level of alcohol in blood exceeds 0.5 grams per litre, or the one of alcohol in air inhaled exceeds 0.25 milligrams per litre. To drive with higher alcohol doses is considered a serious offence. 


Driving in Pollença

The historic town of Pollença is at 7 kilometres from Port de Pollença and Cala de Sant Vicenç, at 17 from Formentor beach and at 27 from Formentor’s cape. Driving in these areas is very easy, although during the summer season there can be traffic jams in the Formentor area.

To visit Pollença we recommend you to leave the car on the outskirts of the village as the town centre is mainly for pedestrians.

You can get by car to the various beaches of Port de Pollença, Cala de Sant Vicenç or Formentor. Parking there is easy and only in summer and in some of the sections slight problems may arise. 


Pollença is a very well stocked place in terms of petrol stations. There are three petrol stations in the town area, and there are many petrol station companies throughout the island. In most cases there is staff serving customers, but some stations are self-service; there are some that open 24 hours. For trips to the Serra de Tramuntana it is advisable to have a full tank as there are not many stations in the area and petrol consumption is always higher in mountain areas.

Map from Pollença

When hiring a car the customer receives a roadmap of Mallorca whith the main roads. You can buy more detailed road maps of the island in petrol stations and kiosks. 

You must be aware of the town names as they can either be in Spanish or in Catalan, and both refer to the same place. Traffic signs are almost always in Catalan, so we recommend buying a map in Catalan.


Motorbike and car rental

In Port de Pollença there are several companies that rent motorbikes and cars. Usually the collection and delivery of the vehicle is in the office, but it can also be done at the airport if the customer wishes so. Most of these companies have a website from which you can manage the rental. 

The rental price depends on the season, the type of car or motorbike, the vehicle extras and the number of rental days. To book well in advance can reduce the cost. 

To rent a car or a motorbike you have to give your passport and authorised driving licence. It is important to understand well the terms of the contract regarding insurance and mileage, and it is also recommended to check the car before renting it as you have to return it in the same condition or pay for the repair in case it has suffered some damage.

Renting scooters is very usual in summer, since to rent these mopeds is much cheaper and has the advantage that it can get to places which are more difficult to reach by car.

Getting around by bike

The Balearic Islands hide a paradise in any season of the year to practise bicycle touring. But above all, the good temperature we enjoy during the whole year makes Pollença an ideal place for active tourists. Thousands of cyclists arrive each year to ride its roads and tracks and to discover, in this way, corners which they could never have imagined.

The topography of Mallorca, with its long plains, gentle hills, straight and extended roads, steep gradients and high mountains, stands as a perfect testing ground for cyclists, who can choose among different routes according to their difficulty.   

There are bike rental companies in Pollença and in Port de Pollença where you can get the necessary material to practise cycling.

Pollença on foot

Even though the different means of transport allow us to discover remote places of the island, it is often better to stop and admire the scenery with no hurry and at leisure so as to discover small retreats and distant horizons on foot. Hiking is the perfect solution for this other way of discovering a unique and different flavour of the island, the healthier option to reach the most unexplored and remotest places.  

Mountain, plains, coast, natural parks or wet areas, beautiful and amazing places. The varied topography of the island offer as many trips and landscapes as the inquiring minds of hikers can imagine.

The trails tend to coincide with the old rural paths, now no longer in use for their original functions but that have kept intact the charm of the past of the peasants on the island.

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